Re: Iotivity lite state

George Nash

The API that I added is only concerned with the ownership status e.g. owned vs. unowned. Any other configuration status is not part of the change.  What other configurations were you interested in?


It should not be too hard to cherry-pick that specific change to master.


Kishen if you would like me to do that I could have it done tomorrow.


You could also checkout the `ocfbridging` branch. If you want to use those APIs before they go through the full review process.


You will find three new functions and a callback function

Callback `oc_ownership_status_cb_t` (the callback gives the UUID, logical device index and a bool value indicating if the device’s status is owned or unowned)

Function `oc_add_ownership_status_callback`

Function `oc_remove_ownership_status_callback`

Function `oc_is_owned_device`



I have kept the `ofcbridging` branch up to date with master so you should be able to use the new APIs without making any additional modifications to your code.






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We've recently added such an API, but it exists on a branch along with some other in-progress work.

George, would it be possible to submit this specific change to master?






Kishen Maloor

Intel Corporation


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I'm currently trying to develop a device using iotivity lite.
I would like to display the state of the device, when it is UNOWNED, owned, configured etc and show he progress to the user using blinking LEDs...

I didn't find any API for that, and seems like not easy to find the information in the code.
Any help or guidance to implement that if I can help is welcomed?
Maybe also some kind of notifications/callback when the state changes

Thank you

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