How can I treat /oic/res?



I'm preparing conformance test for server.
I'm working from iotivity-setup.
First it was iotivity-lite 2.0.5, and i checkout 2.2.0 now.

The server expose "oic.r.sdi", "oic.r.ael", "oic.wk.res" for /olc/res eventhough IDD cbor does not include these resource.
The PICS file created from cms webpage does not include "oic.r.sdi", "oic.r.ael", "oic.wk.res" and I can't find the way including them.

I think there are 2 ways:
1. Remove "oic.r.sdi", "oic.r.ael", "oic.wk.res" from /oic/res response.
2. Add "oic.r.sdi", "oic.r.ael", "oic.wk.res" into PICS file on cms webpage.

But I can't find the way.
I need your advice.

Thanks in advance.