How to "add" a non-OCF devices throgh brigde (zigbee gateway)?

Nie Lin

Hi all:


I have a zigbee gateway which has a SDK to access it in local network. Before operating any of the zigbee sub-device (like a light), I need "add" the sub-device to the gateway by providing a PING code of that sub-device through SDK.


I read the OCF spec for bridging non-OCF device, but I found nothing about "adding" a device. And I think there could be several ways to implement it:

1. add a special property to the profile of zigbee gateway (or sub device) to pass the PING code.

2. re-use one of property for "onboarding" (like a property of "/oic/sec/cred" resource).

3. use a private protocol (accessing the SDK API directly) to add new sub-devices


I prefer to implement the bridge more OCF-compatible (following the spec as possible as I can), so I would like to know the best way to add a non-OCF device through bridge.

BTW, the zigbee gateway also support "remove" a sub-device that need to be re-added if you want to use it again. How can I wrapp this function in the OCF bridge?