notice: valgrind turned off on master

Mats Wichmann

I went ahead and made a maintainer's decision on the buildsystem: I
merged, which turns off
running the unit tests under valgrind control.

We don't really want to lose the information gathered from this, but at
the moment the unit tests builder is just too unstable due to valgrind
problems - some caused by unstable behavior, some caused by problems in
the jenkins plugin (which occasionally blows up; we get a fail from that

As can be seen here:

we've recently been getting very poor results from this build, only
three of the last 30 tries (as of the moment I write this) have succeeded.

Note the change is only in master, and will only be picked up if you
rebase any existing change on current master, since it's a change to the script in the git tree, not to the separate infrastructure
project. Let me know if people need it cherry-picked to 1.4-rel (aka 2.0).

I'd really welcome insights (and help!) on how we can fix things up so
it will pass again, and we can go back to having information on possible
bad pointers, bad frees, etc. as we have been getting.

-- mats