Stepping back

Mats Wichmann


Just wanted to let you all know that I'll be stepping back quite a bit
from IoTivity activities. Possibly this will not come as a surprise, as
I've been less active recently anyway. I don't expect to vanish
completely for the time being, but I'd suggest if you need code reviews,
commentary, or help for anything other than specifically buildsystem
(scons) related issues you probably don't want to count on hearing much
from me. It remains to be seen whether I'll continue to act as
maintainer in that area.

I've enjoyed this work and hope I've contributed at least something of
value; I've been sticking around because I believe in what is being
built here and in OCF, and to "keep my hand in". That said, when you
don't have anything paying the bills, working on an open source project
has to be looked at an investment and it's been long enough now to prove
this hasn't been a profitable one.

Best of luck,

-- mats